Lyric Party Animal / K Town Clan

Party People,
Yeah, Its the Fam once again and we doing the music like the K-town Clan,
We got that moves, drinks, swagger, walk, pockets full of all sorts,
If partyin too hard is a crime, Im guilty, Plz take me to court,

Build Up
You lookin very pretty, I think i had too many,
I cant control my body, music make me goin crazy,
I think they lookin at me but baby i dont care,
Im a party animal and i dont give a give a...

Its a crazy party we gon dance all night,
and everybody dancing to the morning light,
All night gettin wild x3
Like a Party Animal

1st Verse

Whose that? ( Whose that? ) We're back, ( We're back ),
K-town on a roll, Step Back, ( Step Back )
Everybody wanna know, Everybody wanna show,
Their he goes Big Bo on a roll,
But ladies wait here come sumore,
Step in line and getcha o,
Shots on the go, two steppin on the floor,
Whatchu waiting for girl dip it low low low,

2nd Verse

I got this shit on lock and you know i cant stop,
When i step into the club oh yes i rock and i roll,
Now im outta control, came to party and im in the zone,
1 many girl, 2 many girl, 3 many girl, wanna rock my world,
Jamrock dont need no stock i'm just looking for that one special girl.

Build Up


3rd Verse

Can you see my fingers now, up in the sky, high,
Ma! wassup, cmon, are you ready to fly?
Aint nobody do it like like you work it,
Yes i want it, can you feel it?
Everybody, lets go crazy,
You know my style, whatchu sippin on?

4th Verse

His glass is almost empty, could you please fill him up?
You sure he wants another? He cant event stand up...
Man why you trippin? im just chillin ok...
You know how we do? Gonna go all the way...

Build Up



Dancing on the speakers actin rowdy from a 6 pack,
Rock a lady make her go Gaga over our mic stand, 


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