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Heyy. Muet is just around the corner!! My speaking test will be at 19th June this year. Ahhhhh im so scared+nervous. Ok im 22, graduate from local university. Im so excited to take this examination. Because i like English very
Not just chuolls that hate this kind of exam, mee neither! So what you gonna do except you must take it and face it after you already paid rm100 for the fees. Hmm.

Ok, my aunty suggest me to get personal Muet tutor in here. And thank god shes good, kind, and also sempoi like me. Hehe. Teacher aini had told me the instructions, rules, how to answers, how to get prepared, how to be confident and how to trust in your ownself.

Here is some advice for Speaking Test (MUET)
There have 2 task in speaking paper which is Task A for individual and Task B for group discussions.

Task A (Individual)
First of all the examiners give 1 minute to read the questions paper, and then they will ask for anything questions that candidates not understand. Here, candidates can ask them the meaning of any words that have in the questions. But PLEASE DO NOT ask about the overall meanings of the sentences. Its given 2 minutes to all candidates to prepare and 2 minutes for each candidates' talk.

For individual that get as a candidate A, there have benefit and lack. The good is candidate A can firstly setlle, and manager to here the other candidates' points of view. However, candidate A cannot have much time to collect and write down the points focusly. Same as canditate D. There were vice versa.  For candidate B and C is just balanced.

Ok, what do you have to do?
-read instructions carefully, understand it
-underline keywords/phrases to help develop ideas
-generate ideas by draw simple mind mapping
-before present, dont forget to greet the examiners and your fellow candidates
-state the point/suggestion that you are supposed to introduce
-support point/ suggestion by giving reasons, examples, and elobrations
-listen to others candidate and take down notes while they are presenting. This can be very useful during the Task B (group discussions)

How do you respond to task A?

There is a variety of activities that young people can do in their free time. What are some of these activities?
Task A:        They can spend their free time on the computer. Elaborate.

1. Greet the examiners and the other candidates
For example: Good morning to both examiners and my fellow candidates. I am concern about the young peoples' activities nowadays.

2. Organise the information for your individual presentation
a. Identify the keywords : spend their time, computer
b. State  the main point/ suggestion. For example: I strongly believe that the young people can spend their free time on the computer.
c. Support your stand by giving reasons/ examples/ elaborate. For example:  The internet , for example, is the one of the reason why the young people nowadys very interested to spend their time for their activities during the free time. Internet is a global networking system that can connect people for any variety of programs through the computer as a medium of social networking for them. This will helps a lot for the young people to make some reasearch for their homeworks.
d. Conclude your presentattion and re-emphasize your points. For example: The activity of spending time on the computer can give many pros and cons to the young people. Neither the computer or the internet both are very useful and this activity will help the young people to spend their free time.
e. Thank you the examiners and fellow candidates.

3. Deliver your speech confidently
-speak clearly
-make eye contact both examiners and candidates
-be pleasant, smiled and DONT over react
-speak natirally and DONT monotonous (tone suara senada mendatar)
-stay within the 2 minutes limit.

Task B (Group Discussions)

What do you have to do?
-same instruction on task A-

How do you respond that?

There is variety of activities that young people can do in their time. What are some of this activities?

Task B:        Discuss which of the following is the most popular activity of young people.

                          (i)  Spend their free time on the computer
                         (ii)  Spend their free time on outdoor games
                        (iii)  Spend their free time going out with friends
                        (iv)  Spend their free time working

1.  Greet the examiners and other candidates

2. Manage the discussion. Any one of you can start and initiate the discussion, do not waste your time.
a. For example: We are here to discuss which of the four activities are the most popular for the young people spend their free time. I personally believe hat the computer is the most popular choices among them.
b. Support your point by giving reason/example/elaborate. For example: Everyone is surely likes and know how to use the computer. This is the medium for them to connect people socially through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more by the using of the internet. The young people can do their activities such as researching by just googling it. In order to gain knowledge, they also can gain their skill on the computer through the software or applications such as adobe photoshop. Apart from that, this activities given more increase young people today and claim that as their part of life. Computer is not just a brain machine. It also help a lots of young people to simplify their works during the research, social medium, skills, and many mores.
c. Discuss the other points with other candidates
d. Decide your view and end the discussion. For example: After much discussion, our group members have come to an agreement / had agreed and we believe that the computer is the most popular activities that the young people most can do in spending their time durinf their free time

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